About Us

It was in 1989 when an enterprising couple from San Pablo City saw the potentials of a buko pie business. Although coconuts were abundant in Laguna and buko pie businesses proliferated in Los Baños, Laguna, a source of good quality buko pies were nil in San Pablo City. Having the right ingredients for a successful business- a sure market for their product, a source of raw materials, knowledge in the business through thorough research and sheer determination to succeed–they started on what would be the first buko pie in San Pablo City.

The first pies that were baked and sold straight out from the oven were a hit with their first customers, most of them Manila-bound travelers. After several years in the business, clamor for more great-tasting pies and local pasalubong items began. Thus, in the summer of 1994, the second outlet was opened in Tagaytay City. Soon, the opening of the rest of the stores followed suit.

Today, Colette’s Buko Pie at Pasalubong has more than 20 stores nationwide, with its concentration being in Laguna. With the increasing demand for a reliable source of local pies and delicacies, Colette’s Buko Pie at Pasalubong continues to expand.