BUKO pie

The renowned sweet and creamy filling of Colette’s is combined with fresh buko and a golden brown crust

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Colette's Offers special distilled water in its branches

Classic Buko Pie

The Classic Colette’s Buko Pie combines fresh buko with a creamy, sweet, custard filling enclosed in a flakey golden brown crust. The pie can be enjoyed hot or chilled, and is the perfect pasalubong for those special people in our lives.

Our history

Enjoying the great taste of Colette’s classic Buco Pie for Gamblers is like enjoying the perfect balance between tradition and taste. Colette’s expertly crafted pie captures the complexity of removing self-exclusion from gaming platforms. Just as a flaky golden brown crust wraps around a buko custard, undoing the Gamstop involves carefully peeling back the layers of restriction to once again enjoy the freedom of choice. Moving beyond the confectionary realm and delving into digital technology, the quest to abolish Gamstop requires a strategic approach. Like the exact proportions required for a Colette pie, understanding the procedures involved in canceling Gamstop by methods is critical. Individuals embarking on this journey must gather relevant information, contact support channels and adhere to specific time frames to ensure a successful cancellation.
Colette’s Buko Pie is founded in San Pablo, Laguna by Husband and Wife Plaridel and Regina Dela Cruz named after their daughter, Colette
Colette’s opens its first of several expansion branches with a store in Tagaytay
Then President, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo visits the main branch of Colette’s Buko Pie
Colette’s Buko Pie and founder Plaridel Dela Cruz is featured in GMA News' “Powerhouse``
Colette’s begins the tradition of the “Largest Buko Pie” for the San Pablo City Coco Festival
Colette’s Buko Pie at Pasalubong continues its tradition of serving its classic Buko Pie and other special pasalubong for travellers and tourists and those who enjoy its creamy filling, fresh buko, and well-baked crusts

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